The Guiding Light to your Community: CEPHAI

Built-in generative artificial intelligence that’s accurate, safe, and proven to reduce calls to managers and management companies by up to 80 percent.


Is it AI, or AI Washing?

Some companies tout their AI capabilities when, in reality, they have cobbled together a solution using third-party vendors. Developing AI products requires a robust team of specialists, like engineers with machine-learning skill sets. Here’s how Cephai is different:
  • Risk-free and secure for homeowners and community managers to use through our Soc 2 Type II environment.
  • Mobile-first for all managers, homeowners, and board members to use quickly and efficiently.
  • Free to all CINC users. It’s built by CINC, for CINC.

Read our article to learn more about the differences between AI and AI-washing.
AI Fundamentals

Proven to reduce customer calls by up to 80%.

  • Secure. Generative AI through the industry’s only SOC 2 Type II Platform.
  • Saves Time. Up to 30 hours a week on average per association.
  • Reliable. Data answered by Cephai is based solely on your association FAQs, CC&Rs, and homeowner data.
  • Effective. Improved communication and engagement for your boards and homeowners.
  • Customizable. Just like the homeowner/board app, Cephai’s name and logo is custom to the management company.
  • Free to all CINC clients.