Your manager is the reason for community.

Why not reward them with technology that empowers and endless rewards?

Join us on March 28th as we unveil the new guiding light for your community – Cephai [see-fee-i]. It’s the most powerful generative AI in the history of the CAM space.

Plus, nominate any of your community managers to be the brightest star and a select few will win $1,000 cash!

Why Cephai?

Cepheus is a constellation in the night sky. It is shaped like a stick figure house a child draws – bringing a nostalgic sense of how we imagined homes and communities on paper when we were kids.

The star at the point of the roof in the Cepheus constellation is Gamma Cephei – one of the brightest stars of the Cepheus constellation. Scientists predict that over the next 2,000 years, Gamma Cephei will become the new North Star – the new guiding light.

 A play on Cephei + AI, the purpose of CINC’s new AI technology, Cephai [pronounced see-fee-i], is to guide communities and community managers toward solutions that are usually tedious to find. With Cephai as our community’s guiding light, let’s focus more on what makes community meaningful, and empower communities to become people’s third home.


Redefine Community

through meaningful self-service homeowner tools.

Cephai is free to all management companies using our custom-branded homeowner and board app. Take a tour to experience it yourself.

What Community Managers Are Saying

See how community management companies have used CINC to transform their operations.