It's time to put your accounts payables in check.

Obsolete accounting processes don’t just frustrate your employees: they eat up time, savings, and dramatically increase the risk for check fraud. CINC VendorPay is the only service in community association management that offers end-to-end efficiency in your AP processes.

Why Choose VendorPay?


Converts paper checks into faster electronic payments


Eliminate check fraud losses through VendorPay's clearing account process with AvidXchange - keeping you check fraud free.


Eliminate check runs and manual processes - saving time and money.


VendorPay is fully integrated in CINC, so your team doesn't have to onboard new software.

How it works:

  • Import and approve vendor invoices in CINC, just like any other invoices in CINC
  • Select CINC VendorPay as the payment type
  • AvidXchange pays your vendor the way they want to be paid
  • Payments auto-reconcile in CINC, as they do today with more detailed payment history at your fingertips