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Customer Retention:
Making Your Management Company Sticky

The number three goal for management company executives right now is to improve customer satisfaction, yet less than a quarter are actually measuring customer satisfaction. So how can you improve something you can’t measure? Download this guide to understand ways customer service can be measured in the CAM space, provide measurement and feedback tools, and help your staff as they navigate customer service issues.


Managing to the Generations:
A study on homeowner behavior by generation

The ’20s mark a pivotal decade for the United States as each
generation enters a new major phase in life: Gen Z enters adulthood,
Millennials enter middle age, and Gen X begins to consider retirement.
Neighborhoods will start to look remarkably different, especially as
more and more Millennials and Gen Zers become homeowners.


Association Management
Software Buyer's Guide

Finding the right association management software solution to power long-term growth can be overwhelming. Download this guide to learn what you should consider before reviewing software options, the latest software trends, how to involve key decision makers, and considerations to take for your homeowners.


The Alarming Costs of Data Breaches in the Homeowner Space

A cybersecurity breach within your company won’t just hurt your relationship with impacted clients. It will harm your entire reputation, making it nearly impossible to achieve revenue goals for 2021 and beyond. Luckily, you don’t have to be an IT expert to keep data safe. A few simple steps completed by you and your software provider will prevent your organization from facing irreparable harm.


At CINC, we support our customers in four key areas
that drive profitability:


Financial Control

Up-to-date reporting to improve financial transparency

property manager

Property Management

Streamlined workflow automation to boost employee productivity

board communication

Board Communication

Customized HOA portals to streamline communication

homeowner engagement

Homeowner Engagement

Complete visibility into payments, violations, workorders, and more

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