Rethink Community: Rethink Productivity

Rethink Community: Rethink Productivity


In reviewing results from the CINC Systems 2023 State of the Industry Report, we realize a turning point within the CAM space. We know it’s never a good idea to do things just because it’s always been done this way. But now more than ever, reexamining industry processes is critical to business success.

Rethink Community will examine and unravel everything we thought we knew about community associations. Throughout the year, we will create new resources and invite you to discussions with industry experts, talking about what we can do to transform community for executives, board members, and homeowners alike. Through these conversations we aim to support business owners in their growth plans during an uncertain and everchanging environment.

Below is a recording of Rethink Productivity, where we discussed what exactly productivity means in community management, why it’s so hard to manage time in the HOA space, and how technology can be a life-saver for managers.

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