Infographic: Your Q2 Checklist

Infographic: Your Q2 Checklist

The second quarter is finally upon us! With Q2 happening in the Spring, it often feels like a fresh start – and when it comes to business planning for your management company, it should feel that way!

The second quarter of a year is crucial in making your revenue, productivity, and service goals. It’s time to start the moment at a fast pace, securing quick and critical wins and closing any performance gaps. This is also a moment where, as a leader, you have the opportunity to refocus and re-motivate your team towards company and personal career goals.

To support you in your Q2 planning, we’ve created a super simple checklist based on a few key metrics imperative to community management:

  • Performance Review: First, it’s important to personally take time to reflect on areas in which you hit your goals in Q1 and where you fell short.
  • People Operations: Now, get the team involved. Review and solicit feedback on accomplishments and opportunities and discuss with each employee their personal goals and career building plans.
  • Budget: Carefully review your expenses and P & L for the quarter, reflow metrics where necessary for the upcoming quarter, and develop strategies to stay on target.
  • Technology: Revisit moments in which poor technology hindered business progress, carefully evaluate your tech stack, and develop a plan of action to update where needed.

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