Training Parameters and Expectations

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SOW Keys to Success: Training Parameters and Expectations

  • Standard Documentation, Recordings, and on-going public, live webinars are included
  • Client will be responsible for ensuring that the correct members of their team are in attendance for training. These will be CINC daily users. Attendees must be actively engaged and participating in the learning process.
  • If there is a change in the agreed upon scheduled training dates, Client will be subject to the availability of the trainer for rescheduling. This may also impact the availability and deliverable dates for training and setup of other modules. (i.e. Collections, Violations, Management Module)
  • Scheduling changes will happen from time to time and CINC will make every effort to accommodate with advanced notice. If a scheduled training begins and is not attended by Client with no advanced notice the training will be considered complete and additional training may be subject to change control.
  • Recordings and reference materials will be provided after training for future reference to create independent users of CINC.
  • As Applicable, CINC Training will address how third-party integrations will interact with CINC. Training for the third-party software will be handled by that vendor. Client will be responsible for scheduling with the third-party vendor.



Estimated Time


Accounts Receivable

4 Hours


Accounts Payable

3 Hours


Banking (including Bank Account Reconciliation)

2 hours


Association Manager/Admin

4 Hours


Collections (Setup or Review)

2 Hours


Resales (Including Welcome Letters)

2 Hour


WebAxis Setup

2 Hours

Includes full training on the WebAxis Admin Tool

WebAxis Refresher

1 Hours


Violations Setup

2 – 1 Hour sessions

Includes full training on setup, templates and processing. Training documentation will also be included. Client will be responsible for the setup of templates and violation definitions. CINC recommends a training template association to be used for the original setup and subsequent setups can be copied from this setup. CINC will review the original setup to ensure completeness prior to Client copying to the remaining associations.

Using Violations Module

1 Hour


CINC Manager App

1 Hour

Violation setup must be complete prior to training and/or use of the CINC Manager APP.

ACC Setup

1 Hour


Using ACC Module

1 Hour


Work Orders

1 ½ Hours


Call Log (as stand alone from management module)

½ Hour


Document Imaging

1 ½ Hours


Miscellaneous Reports

1 Hour


Management Module Setup

2 Hours

Includes Call Log;

Pre-requisites: Client company must be set up as both a Vendor and Association; Association must have established Chart of Accounts, Bank Account, Fiscal Period, and Transaction Set Up; As an early step, CINC will send specific instructions for how to do this;

CINC will provide training on setup of management fees and addendum billing. CINC will work with Client on initial count requirements and will set up the system accordingly. Client will be responsible for building out their billing items and respective structure.

Using Management Module

1 Hour


Portfolio Module Setup

2 Hours

Include full training on setup, templates and usage. Client will be responsible for the setup of templates and related definitions. CINC recommends a corporate setup of global items and management plan that can be copied across associations. CINC and Client will review the original setup to ensure completeness prior to Client copying to the remaining associations.

Using Portfolio Module

1 Hour


HomeWise Setup

½ Hour


LetterStream Setup

½ Hour


The above contemplates remote training sessions which can be recorded and made available.