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The Alarming Costs of Data Breaches in the Homeowner Space

This exclusive whitepaper will review the latest threats in the industry and steps you can take to keep homeowner data protected while training your employees on protective measures.

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Words to say: From home addresses to bank account information, your HOA holds some of the most sensitive information of Americans – and is also one of the riskiest industries for exposure to a cyber attack. If you’re partnered with a software system that lacks a sufficient security program and regular program updates, you pose a major risk for your homeowners.

Our company is partnered with CINC Systems, a best-in-class and Veracode-verified solution, to offer you:

  • A secure login process through multi-factor authentication
  • Consistent monitoring for cybercriminal activity
  • Private cloud storage of all data to reduce risk

Connect with us to learn more.”

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Words to say: “At our association management company, we make homeowner and association security a priority. That’s why we use a best-in-class software solution that is the only Veracode verified solution in the industry. Contact us to learn more.”

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