Free HOAst for One Year

Election season approaching?
Let us be your HOAst, for free.

We know that election season can be costly and time consuming, for your boards and your community managers. That’s why we want you to take advantage of the only e-voting platform fully integrated into a CAM software solution – HOAst.

Sign up for a year subscription of HOAst now and you’ll receive it free through 2022. This means you’ll get to try it for free in 2022 and reap the rewards in 2023!

Why HOAst?

  • One Screen, One Login. Access e-voting tools within CINC Systems from the same login for all of your HOA/COA needs. 
  • Real-Time Results. Board members can view results in real time and communicate with homeowners to let them know if they have completed their vote or still need to vote.
  • Voter Confidence. An integrated electronic system reduces the risk of uncompliant or fraudulent elections. There’s no guesswork behind who voted when, and no need to export and import excel files to update homeowner information.
  • Less time and stress. Paper ballots, excel exports, manual reconciliation – these are all costly processes that you don’t need to do when running an election.

Take Advantage Now.

Offer eligible through July 31st to the first 250 associations. Fill out the below form to ensure you get the offer!

By signing up for this special offer, you will receive the HOAst e-voting platform for free until December 31, 2022. You will then be charged per your contract agreement on January 1, 2023, and will continue your HOAst subscription through the end of the 2023 year.

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