Do you hate your HOA?

Most homeowners and board members hate their HOA.

56% of them to be exact, according to our 2023 State of the Industry Report. And why do they hate their HOA so much? Here’s what we hear: 

  • Poor Communication. They don’t know what’s going on in their own neighborhood.
  • Community Manager MIA. They never see any representation from their management company.
  • No Real Knowledge. No one, even the board members, know what they’re supposed to be doing. Those in volunteer positions haven’t been told how to do their job.

Don't blame your property manager.

If the community association management company isn’t investing in self-service homeowner tools that give you and your boards the ability to do all things HOA-related with the tap of a thumb, then your manager is running ragged.

Imagine having to run back and forth from the office to the properties you manage to complete the most minute tasks, such as processing a work order or messaging a board member. So your manager probably wants to be with you and help you improve community living. But without the right tools, it’s not really possible.

Managers know that these tools are essential to their job and to homeowner engagement. In fact, self-service homeowner tools are their number one ask for their career.

CINC Systems has the answer.

We believe that when you invest in the homeowner, you invest in the management company at large. That’s why we build tools for the homeowners in mind, and that’s why we’re the largest provider of accounting and property management software dedicated to the space. So if you want to stop hating on your HOA, we think you should tell them about us. 

Take a product tour here of our mobile apps.

So tell your management company to Get in CINC.

If you’ve made it here, that means you care about your community a lot. So you should have the best of the best in technology to provide to your community. If you take just another 30 seconds to fill out the below form, we’ll let your management company know about your desire to get in CINC. We’ll also direct you to the full copy of our 2023 State of the Industry Report, which highlights key trends and threats facing association management companies today.

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