CINC Systems + Ghertner Partnership

I regularly get asked if I have ideas for using technology to make management companies more efficient or to create new revenue streams. In that spirit, I wanted to personally reach out to share the benefits of a partnership between our companies.

We have redefined the mission at CINC Systems: To make living in a professionally managed community a great experience. I love this mission because it focuses everything back to the homeowner. It’s our job to be the best supporting actors and actresses who make the stars like your team look good.

Maybe that’s why our clients grew an average of 10% last year. From our new CINC Manager app working offline in areas with poor cellular coverage to our custom-designed homeowner and board mobile applications, we empower homeowners while relieving workload for community managers.

Our implementation and customer service team is nearly 40 people strong and growing, often coming to us from from other software providers in the space. In the past 18 months we have added nearly 200 management company clients to our CINC family. Since the start of last year, only one company has voluntarily switched to a different provider.

Based on previous conversations with your team, we have outlined some features of our product that we think you’d like to see. Once you review, please reach out at your convenience to discuss next steps.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to discussing a continued partnership.

Ryan Davis  Ryan Davis  I  Chief Executive Officer

Custom Product Tours

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Through CINC Manager, violations are processed quickly and efficiently- offline or online!

Work Orders

Manage association and homeowner work orders and support your community with the tap of a thumb.

Portfolio Manager

Let CINC serve as your virtual assistant for all your project management needs.

Homeowner App

Custom-branded to service your homeowners and boards quickly and efficiently.

Your Account Management Team

CINC Systems is the only solution in the community association management industry that offers clients a dedicated Account Manager to help them with their technical needs while also providing guidance to grow their business. In addition, we have a fully serviced support staff ready to answer any quick questions your team has throughout the week. 

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