Make data-driven decisions that grow your company

CINC System’s integrated accounting software automates the bulk of your daily management tasks,
with a payment match rate of 99.7%

To manage and grow your community association management company, you need data that is clear, accurate, and efficiently provided to you and your team. That’s where CINC Systems comes in – the all-in-one SaaS-based solution. 

  • Seamless Accounting Solution. Payments are reconciled daily with just the click of a button so your accountants can focus on servicing clients over tracking down receipts. 
  • Data in Real Time. Homeowner payments are posted on the same day, so there’s no question about a bill pay and community managers can focus on truly servicing their homeowners.
  • One-on-One Support. CINC clients receive dedicated support with a personally assigned project manager and robust team of onboarding and support personnel.

Learn how Priestley Management Company added over 12,000 doors without unnecessary overhead.

Learn how CEPCO decreased their financial report delivery by over two weeks when they switched to CINC.

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