The ‘WOW’ is everything.

When you stop your scroll and say, “what, wait?!” When you share a screenshot with your co-workers and say, “You will not believe this!” When the tool that looked somewhat cool suddenly becomes the tool you need in your workday.

At CINC Systems, we hear a lot of WOWs from potential and new clients as we’re going through our product demos – 131 last year to be exact! You may not feel that you have the time to sit through a full product tour of CINC Systems, but we’re sure you want to know those WOWs. So, we broke down the top eight WOW moments in the past year for you to see for yourself.

Take a minute to see our WOWs:

WOW #1: Simplified Accounts Receivable

The Challenge: It can take an accountant up to five hours a day to post payments through all channels available, especially if they have to keep up with a paper trail. This doesn’t just clog up their day, but it leads to delayed payment postings for homeowners, which can frustrate clients.

The Solution: Through CINC Systems, multiple different payment channels are automatically posted through the solution. There’s little work to be done, and homeowners enjoy the speed and accuracy of the tool.

Why This WOWs: Saving five hours a day will WOW anyone! Plus, the speedy delivery of payment postings greatly impacts client satisfaction. If homeowners are happy, boards are happy, and they stay with their management company – it’s that simple.

WOW #2: Digitized Accounts Payable Process

The Challenge: Setting up one vendor per association seems like a complete waste of time, yet shockingly it’s a common procedure in many software applications for association management companies.

The Solution: Within CINC, one can set up a vendor in multiple associations all at once. In fact, all workflows within accounts payable are digitized through the platform.

Why This WOWs: No one wants to set up a vendor over and over and over again. It lifts a huge burden off of the accountant’s shoulders. 

WOW #3: Transferring Funds

The Challenge: Moving money into a reserves fund is generally completed at the end of the month, and when doing this for multiple associations, it can be extremely time consuming and stressful for accountants.

The Solution: Through CINC Systems, accountants are able to complete this in less than 30 seconds with the click of a button. This doesn’t just apply to reserves funds – one can transfer an account between homeowners as well!

Why This WOWs: It’s a huge time saver for accountants, and it provides more clarity for boards into their reserves fund. This in turn leaves associations better prepared for the moments when the fund matters most, such as during a natural disaster.

WOW #4: The Accounting Services Team

The Challenge: Business owners aren’t usually accountants, and they shouldn’t be doing accounting work when trying to grow a business. Yet many up-and-coming management companies lack resources to hire an accounting department, and for larger organizations, hiring and training an accounting department is a huge undertaking.

The Solution: That’s why we created an Accounting Services division of CINC Systems, where our team completes all financials by the fifth business day of the month. You can get to know this division better and request a meeting with the team here

Why This WOWs: Not to brag, but we’re the only solution in the industry who offers this level of service. It also empowers business owners to focus on growing revenue, not crunching numbers.

WOW #5 Real-Time Property Inspections

The Challenge: Community managers don’t have the time or resources to run back and forth to a computer to complete inspection work. What’s more, violations processed without in-person communication and digital records are often regarded poorly by homeowners.

The Solution: Through the CINC Manager app, community managers are able to complete violations through the tap of the phone, while discussing the concern with the homeowner wherever possible. Photos are also timestamped automatically, so there’s no question on the validity of the violation.

Why This WOWs: We often hear, “You had me at time stamp.” This tool greatly impacts the stress level of community managers, as they can share violation information on their phone with full transparency and clarity.

WOW #6: Management Module

The Challenge: With any tool, the moment data is exported into an excel file, it’s already old data. Yet this is how many management companies bill associations – it’s clunky, complicated, and time consuming.

The Solution: CINC’s Management Module gives one the ability to track association contracts and post management fees with one click. 

Why This WOWs: The Management Module empowers owners to make better business decisions because they can see the big picture in real time, as all of the data and billing is in one location.

WOW #7: Group Reports

The Challenge: Producing month-end reports for HOA/COA boards can be very time-consuming, and while board members want to see their financials ASAP, it can take weeks to compile, complete, and review. This leads to frustrated boards, and it’s a common cause for client churn.

The Solution: That’s why we have Group Report functionality at CINC. One is able to generate a templated report to board members in just a few clicks.

Why This WOWs: Not only does it save a ton of time for accountants, but it greatly impacts client satisfaction.

WOW #8: Board Invoice Approvals

The Challenge: Oftentimes, boards become frustrated with their management company because they feel as though they’re not offered the level of transparency and efficiency needed to complete their job. Invoice approval is in particular a process that clutters inboxes, stirs up confusion, and delays projects due to improper communication.

The Solution: Through CINC’s custom-branded homeowner and board app, board members can view and approve all invoices with the tap of a thumb.

Why This WOWs: Not only does it increase speed and improve communication, but it’s a fantastic selling tool for management companies to use when they are pitching to new clients.  Showcasing mobile-first design and technology is a huge competitive differentiator in the community association management industry.

What made you say, “WOW?”

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