CINC Systems Launches CINC Manager 4.0

CINC Systems Launches CINC Manager 4.0


CINC Systems, the largest SaaS-based solution dedicated to community association management, launched CINC Manager 4.0 today for all iOS and Android devices. The mobile application – which was already the first of its kind in community management – now fully empowers managers to oversee their properties on the go.

Community Management Wherever, Whenever

“Community Managers have a tough job and an extremely challenging schedule,” said Chris Millner, Head of Product Management at CINC Systems. “They’re often running from one property to the next, completing home inspections and attending board meetings. As they’re addressing violations and managing work orders, all that data needs to continue to flow with or without an Internet connection. That’s now possible with CINC Manager.”

The newest version of CINC Manager can toggle between online and offline mode so that community managers are able to complete property inspections and communications even if they are in areas with spotty cellular coverage. Some of the newest features include:

  • The ability to pause, interrupt and resume data downloads on a per property basis
  • The ability to download data from hundreds of properties at once
  • A seamless data sync that improves accuracy and efficiency
  • Improved error handling and logging

Commitment to Mobile Innovation

The on-the-go nature of property management means creating tools designed for an office is impractical. That’s why CINC Systems is dedicated to mobile-first design and innovation.

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“Whenever we design tools for community and property managers, our goal is to enable them to complete their work from their mobile device, with or without a good connection,” said Ryan Davis, Chief Executive Officer.  “We’re the only solution in the industry that offers such a seamless online to offline experience, and that’s why this is truly a game changer.”

To learn more about the features behind CINC Manager – and to learn more about CINC’s mission to make living in a professionally managed community a great experience – visit our landing page here and ask for a customized demo.

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