HR & Talent Management Strategist

Karen Sferratore

Karen Sferratore - HR & Talent Management Strategist

As head of Human Resources, Karen works to ensure that CINC has the right talent in the right positions to ensure that the company can satisfy client needs both now and in the future. Karen has held a variety of positions with CINC, including both staff and line positions, and has a track record of developing the processes necessary to create efficiencies throughout the company.

With a passion for developing the talent and skill of every member of the CINC team, she continually develops and tweaks company performance enhancement programs that will develop existing staff and attract top talent in the industry.

Before joining CINC, Karen led the human resources department at First Covenant Bank for six years. She has also supported client groups in a variety of industries, from software to contract manufacturing and financial services. Earlier in her career, she practiced law in California, guiding employers in labor and employment law.

Karen’s team members say she can be counted on to come up with a plan to accomplish any project or task. Her instinctive need to organize and execute according to the plan helps ensure projects stay on track and are completed as anticipated. Defining expectations and exceeding those expectations during a project plan are part of her keys to effectiveness.

Karen graduated magna cum laude from Santa Clara University with her Juris Doctor and holds a degree in management from San Diego State University. Karen holds the SPHR credential (senior professional in human resources).