Chief Client Officer

Dawn Randall

Dawn Randall - Chief Client Officer

As Chief Client Officer at CINC, Dawn oversees key accounts in conjunction with the Client Success team. She also manages the marketing and communications vision and strategy for the company. Dawn ensures that we maintain a client-focused culture by working across teams to give the client a voice in everything we do.  Her primary areas of focus are the continued development of the product roadmap through engagement with our clients and partners, client communication, and maintaining the “pulse” of our clients.

Dawn started with CINC in 2006 in a part-time position. Until June 2018, she was Vice President of Product Management and lead a multi-year effort to overhaul the way we develop software by refining processes and cultivating a partnership between our product and development teams.  She is a firm believer in the principle of continuous improvement and has worked with many CINC clients to develop solutions that ultimately improve the experience for all users.

Dawn’s passion for seeing clients succeed is demonstrated by her belief in “Product Ideation,” a process for bringing ideas to life while balancing stakeholders’ needs with strategic initiatives. Dawn works directly with team members, customers, prospects, and business partners to gather and review their ideas to produce continuous innovation and success for CINC’s stakeholders in the community association industry.

Dawn holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration in risk management and insurance from the University of Georgia.