Director of Client Success

Connie Franklin

Connie Franklin - Director of Client Success

A member of the CINC management team since 2007, Connie is now Director of Client Success, where she leads a team of training and implementation staff. She is dedicated to ensuring each and every CINC user understands the many features in CINC, and is able to use them to their advantage. She does this by organizing and managing implementation projects and training for both new and existing clients. Connie is frequently in touch with CINC users and really enjoys her client-focused role.

Connie’s experience has focused on technology implementation in the real estate and property management industries. Before joining CINC, she held business analyst, implementation, and training roles for software providers offering mortgage and real estate closing software. She also served as a mortgage-lending company assistant vice president.

Connie enhances her role as head trainer with her own enjoyment of learning. She celebrates the moment when “the light bulb goes on”–when a client begins to see how CINC can dramatically reduce the time they spend on functions that can now be automated within CINC. Connie ensures that CINC’s new clients are clients to stay.