Chief Technology Officer

Brandon Vial

Brandon Vial - Chief Technology Officer

Brandon is one of the founding members of CINC Systems, joining the development team in 2005. As CINC’s Senior System Engineer, Brandon focuses on the entire lifecycle of the products of CINC/Ai. He works closely with all departments, partners, and clients to translate their needs and ideas into the CINC software to ensure that CINC is the software they will never outgrow.

Prior to CINC, Brandon worked with First Capital Bank and was on the team that developed the initial Smartstreet product. In total, he has over 18 years of development experience with over 10 years of that experience spent developing solutions for the community association industry.

Brandon’s strengths include developing software that satisfies client and partner needs by providing key functionality and information. Brandon’s significant knowledge of the industry and his focus on accomplishing the goals of the stakeholders ensures that CINC and Ai will continue to evolve to serve clients’ changing needs.