Bill Blanton

Bill Blanton - Chairman/Founder

Bill founded CINC Systems and Accounting Integrators (Ai) to use technology to bring new efficiency standards to the community association industry by providing software that integrates accounting and banking.

During his more than 15 years of serving the industry, his passion for innovation and improved ways of doing business has become a way of life at CINC/Ai and drives the organization to continually strive to become the software standard for the community association industry.

Much of the impetus behind Bill’s commitment to integrated accounting and banking comes from his extensive background in banking, in which he has held numerous positions including CEO, President, and CFO. In addition to these leadership positions, he has served on the board of directors of several banks, including First Capital Bank, First Covenant Bank and First Century Bank, N.A.

Bill has experienced banking from both the inside and the outside, having also served as president of a consulting firm, Bank Analysts, which focused on bank turnarounds, and as a bank examiner for the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance. In addition, he has served on the National Small Business Administration Advisory Council and the Small Bank Advisory Committee of Robert Morris and Associates. He is also involved with numerous real estate investment corporations throughout the Southeast.

While Bill has vast experience in a variety of areas, his ability to identify needs within the market and use his technology, banking, and real estate expertise to satisfy those market needs is what creates significant value for his company’s stakeholders. Bill pushes himself and those around him to constantly improve and innovate. He seeks to surround himself with talent that can both handle the organization as it is today and also support its growth.

A native of Tifton, Georgia, Bill is a graduate of Georgia State University, with a degree in accounting.