22 Reasons to Switch Software in 2022

22 Reasons to Switch Software in 2022


Can we all agree that 2022 is going to be amazing? We need to speak it into existence, create some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, and be ready to create our own destiny of greatness for the next year after the struggles we’ve all lived through recently.

Making 2022 a success is going to take a lot of positive thinking, and a lot of changes. This means it’s the perfect time to make some of those difficult transitions you’ve probably been putting off ‘until things calmed down.’ Make big moves to see a big reward, right?

Upgrading to a more comprehensive accounting and community management solution is a great way to set the tone for the rest of your year. It has a lot of potential to be challenging, but even more so to be a game-changer for your portfolio.

6 Ways the Right Software Will Save Money

In business, there’s not much worse than wasting money…except maybe wasting money without realizing it. Your current software platform (or platforms) could be costing you a fortune without you even realizing it, and reigning in your expenses should definitely be one of your goals for 2022.

Any software partner worth their stock is going to make sure your dollar is stretched as far as it can go with features like these:

  • 1. Scalability – Continually adding staff to support a growing portfolio is not a sustainable growth strategy. Optimizing your staff, and enhancing the training resources for necessary new hires (to eliminate time-consuming onboarding), will be the smartest way to cut costs.
  • 2. One-Stop Shop – Stop paying for multiple platforms. Find a software partner that centralizes all of your tasks and needs into an easy to use and access tool.
  • 3. Increase Productivity – Leverage automated workflows and functionality to slash time spent on day-to-day tasks such as collections, assessments, general ledger entries, and more so your team has more bandwidth and energy.
  • 4. Paperless Options – Going green is one of the smartest (and kindest) ways to reduce costs in your budget. Look for an accounting platform that’s reached the modern age and offers paperless alternatives for your needs.
  • 5. Strong Cash Flow – Speedier collections means more money in your pocket. Your accounting software partner should be able to offer expedited collections to supplement your cash flow.
  • 6. Financial Oversight – Access to real-time financial data and reporting helps ensure your money is being spent well and by the right people. Keeping your money safe and well-maintained is just as important as finding ways to minimize cost.

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6 Ways the Right Software Will Save Time

There is so much work in your day that can be done quicker. Even if you’re using a platform that claims to automate your tasks during the day, you probably still feel like you’re handling a lot of the heavy lifting. Many off-the-shelf solutions that aren’t specifically built for the Community Association Management (CAM) industry tell you they’re automating your workflows, when really they’re only automating the first step, or consolidating the first two tasks into one. Automating your daily tasks is a great way to feel more accomplished by getting more done in your day, and help prevent burnout for you and your management team. 

If your 2022 goal is to reduce the time you feel is wasted in your day to day, here are the software features to look out for:

  • 7. Task Automation – This is more than just a fancy buzzword. Your software should automate your mundane tasks that are more time-consuming than effort-expending. Allowing yourself to focus on the difficulties instead of maintaining your daily checklist is a necessity.
  • 8. Tool Consolidation – Having to log in and log out of multiple platforms to do your daily tasks is sucking up a lot of your valuable time. Cut it down to one single platform and you’ll see a huge return on the time you can use for more pressing matters.
  • 9. Simple Navigation – Bells and whistles are great, but only if they’re easy to use and access. Find a product that isn’t just a centralized hub for your needs, make sure it’s sleek and easy-to-navigate too. Those few minutes spent trying to get from one place to another in your tool might seem small, but they can really add up. 
  • 10. Daily Reconciliations –Eliminating the frustration and time-suck of month-end reporting should be at the top of your list when considering new accounting software. 
  • 11. Streamlined Billing – Cut out the time it takes to manage your billing process by automating tasks like invoice generation and submission for online review and approval.
  • 12. Homeowner Portal – Giving your homeowners the power to help themselves is so important. A web portal functionality that offers homeowners direct access to important account details and easy online payments will cut down on time-consuming phone calls for basic answers. 

6 Ways the Right Software Will Boost Efficiency

Efficiency isn’t just about cutting down the time it takes to do things. It’s about finding new ways to complete tasks that offer a higher return than the old ways. If you’re looking to do more than just cut down on time or money spent, search for a software provider who’s platform offers innovative new ways to approach timeless problems. 

Here are a few features that can do that:

  • 13. Visually Valuable – It isn’t enough to just be good; you have to look the part, too. Being able to offer sleek design in your board reporting packages, your website, and your homeowner portal offers a strong presence and drives up your value, making the job of expanding your portfolio that much simpler.
  • 14. Homeowner Empowerment – An online web portal improves visibility and facilitates faster, more effective communication, resulting in happier, more informed homeowners. Allowing homeowners access to the information they need to self-help when they encounter issues means fewer calls and concerns to handle in your work day.
  • 15. Board Empowerment – Providing your board with an online account portal to directly access monthly financial packages means your board is well-informed and able to handle their needs without taking up any unnecessary time in the day.
  • 16. Source of Truth – Increase efficiency and accuracy by eliminating the need to manually move and synchronize data across multiple sources. Consolidating financial data does more than save you time; it increases your accuracy and creates a single source of truth for your community. 
  • 17. Integrated Banking – An integration directly between your accounting software and your bank means your team will be able to turn month end financials around much more quickly and effectively.
  • 18. Document Management – Document organization is crucial in staying efficient. Look for a product that tracks homeowner communications like phone call logs, collections letters, and violation reports, and maintains them in one place.

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4 Reasons Your New Software Should Be CINC Systems

Not to toot our own horn, but we’re pretty good at what we do here. CINC has over 15 years of experience in the community association management and accounting industries and has developed a software platform that meets the management, communication, and accounting needs of both industries.

  • 19. Comprehensive, Hassle-Free Onboarding – CINC’s Onboarding process is tailored to be as painless as possible and support your team even after you’re in the system. You don’t need to take our word for it either – here’s how CINC offered a succint onboarding program to Cyndi and Tim Sullivan at Key Community Management:  “Darren gave us a customized timeline. We always knew where we were on track and where we were ahead of schedule.” And just like any project, there are tasks that may go off schedule – but they were never left on their own. We could tell that he cared and wanted us to be successful.” You can learn more about Key’s onboarding experience in their case study.
  • 20. Next-Level Support – CINC’s Customer Support and Customer Success teams are dedicated to ensuring your management team’s future glory with ongoing access to both for all of your questions or feature suggestions.
  • 21. Education and Training – CINC empowers users with easily accessible learning tools to strengthen your team and keep you growing no matter what.
  • 22. We Do It All – Every feature listed above is easily done in CINC Systems. CINC saves your time and money and increases your efficiency to bring your management company to the next level.

Let’s make 2022 an amazing year. Kick things off with a conversation about how a new accounting and community management software can revolutionize your business.


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