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  • True Web-based solutions
  • Access data from anywhere - 24x7
  • Single database for all associations
  • Directly access Online Banking
  • Board member access
  • On-demand reporting
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  • Manage multiple associations
  • Retrieve archived original documents
  • Create ad-hoc reporting
  • Create Excel files with one click!
  • Customizable e-mail reporting
  • Automatic banking reconciliation
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  • Ledger, AP, AR, OCR scanning
  • Unmatched accuracy & accounting
  • E-mail/approval alerts
  • Board review & approval processing
  • Generate Board requested reports
  • Maintain and report correspondence
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  • Suitable for large-scale, on-site & portfolio managers
  • Microsoft SQL platform
  • Create & grant user privileges
  • 24x7 access
  • Eliminates hosting & technical fees
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Our Product Offering

Ease of Business Mind

CINC systems is a true Web-based application that allows Community Association Managers to access tools that streamline business activities - from accounting to daily management - via the Internet from any location 24x7. Suitable for Large Scale, On-site and Portfolio Managers.

As a professional responsible for the overall financial and business success of your company, CINC systems is for you.

What are you waiting for?

There are many ways that CINC systems can help your business. Schedule a demonstration today and see all the benefits we can offer your Community Management Company.

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