VP of Product Management

Dawn Randall

Dawn Randall - VP of Product Management

Working collaboratively with CINC’s clients, partners and executive team, Dawn works to define and develop the vision, strategy and product roadmap for the CINC and AI platforms.

With over 15 years of experience in the software industry focusing on account management, consulting and sales, she is accustomed to developing and cultivating business relationships that help her see things from her clients’ point of view. She in turn articulates these insights to her development team, who then uses them to develop cost-saving efficiencies and revenue opportunities for CINC’s clients and business partners.

Dawn’s passion for seeing clients succeed is demonstrated by her belief in “Product Ideation,” a process for bringing ideas to life while balancing stakeholders’ needs with strategic initiatives. Dawn works directly with team members, customers, prospects and business partners to gather and review their ideas to produce continuous innovation and success for CINC’s stakeholders in the community association industry.

Dawn holds a BBA in Risk Management and Insurance from the University of Georgia.